What is the function of RAM in Android mobile?

The full form of RAM is random access memory. RAM is the temporary memory of Android mobile. When we go to perform some work using any software on our Android phone, we need a temporary memory to run that software or app on our phone.  This temporary memory is called RAM.

What is the function of RAM in mobile?

Suppose you are using your mobile and you need to copy or cut a file or document in the meantime, then you usually copy your file and paste it in another folder of your phone’s SD card. This is how you do it, first copy it, then paste it into a folder, where the file went until the moment, surely your copied file is stored somewhere.

This file or document was stored in this android phones RAM until the moment before it was copied and pasted. Therefore, RAM is also called temporary memory.

RAM is also required to open various software or apps or run in mobile. When you put a game or software file in your phone’s memory, it is stored in your phone’s memory or SD card, but when you open that game or software or Run but it does not open in your phone’s internal memory, it is temporary memory or RAM. In the Open with so many heavy software or games, your phone becomes slow. However, the more RAM, the better for the phone. It gives the phone enough space to run a lot of software at once. So your Android phone does not slow down easily.

While turning off the phone, anything saved is deleted. When the work of one element stored in RAM is finished, before the work of another element starts, the previous file is deleted. When you copy a file or document, you can paste it wherever you want. If you copy another file or document while that file is stored in your RAM, then the previously copied file will be deleted.


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