Smartphone prices are rising in India

In India, the prices of almost all smartphones including Xiaomi and Apple are increasing. The  main  reason for this price increase is the additional 6% tax imposed by the Government of India on goods and services. So far this tax has been 12% but it has been increased to 18% and it has been decided to take effect from 1st April.

The price of a smartphone in Bangladesh was about 5-10 percent higher than in India. However, this time the government of India will increase this service tax and this inequality will be eliminated. In the wake of Soccer’s decision, smartphone makers have set new prices for India. “There is no way out without raising prices. We are trading at a margin benefit below 5%. This price will be effective from now on,” Shaomi said in a press release. Oppo, on the other hand, has already delivered the new price list to all retailers. As a result of this newly imposed tax, the price of all smartphones  can go up to Rs 1,500-5,000. Apple has increased the price of all their products by 5% in India. Note that the sale of all smartphones in India is closed due to the lockdown imposed to prevent Corona infection.

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