Samsung is bringing affordable 5G android phones to stay in the market!

The Corona epidemic is causing an economic recession around the world. Smartphone sales have almost come to a standstill due to the ongoing indefinite lockdown worldwide.

Samsung 5G Smartphone

However, the technology companies have chosen online as a means of promotion among the customers to return to the thriving business. Smartphone manufacturers are showcasing their latest smartphones and other technologies on their own websites or on Facebook and YouTube. Phone sales are limited to online portals only. But despite the Corona panic, 5G technology is the most talked  topic in the world this year.

Samsung, one of the best mid-range smartphone makers, is launching an effort to offer low-cost, 5G-enabled smartphones to consumers. According to the Korean smartphone maker, the price of smartphones with 5G technology will drop by 72% in the next 11 months. According to Samsung, this is due to the global recession and the high cost of 5G technology. According to sources, smartphone sales fall by 36% in last February alone. And in the first three months of 2020, 13% of smartphone shipments have been already canceled. The idea is that while the loss is not so great for large corporations, the smartphone business could soon be in dire straits.

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