New features on Facebook – Browsing the internet without data in Discover app

 Facebook’s free basic program has gained a lot of popularity.To make this free service more dynamic, Facebook has launched an app calledDiscover”. This app is launched for underdeveloped countries.

With the Facebook Discover app, a user can browse any website. You can browse a limited amount of data with the specific free data provided by the mobile operator. You can’t load video or audio files using discover app, because, it provides only a few data- Text only.

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 Facebook authorities said in a blog statement that Discover will only run on low-bandwidth traffic when using free data. To use the Discover app, you do not need a Facebook account. Facebook will not any data/cookies from your browsing history for their business purpose or target audience for Facebook ads. 


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The statement further said that due to the Corona disaster, public health should be taken into consideration and people should be able to easily access the necessary health information. So the homepage of the Discover  app will serve accurate information about the coronavirus and health.


 “Discover will play an important role in helping people  and keeping them connected to the Internet. Many internet users around the world are connected to us but become disconnected when their data runs out. So

Discover is an app that will help users stay connected seamlessly until the next internet data purchase.”

 said Yoav Zeevi, , Facebook’s product manager.


 How Discover App will work

Discover app is a Free Internet Browsing platform. Using Discover, users can access text or text versions from any website. That means no image, graphics, or video can be seen. Discover is a mobile web and Android app. However, it is not known whether this app will be available on iOS devices.

  From a mobile browser, discover can be accessed from  .  

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