Internet service through Starlink Satellite are starting in this year

 SpaceX launched a total of 60 Starlink satellites in the fifth phase last February to ensure high-speed internet service. With this, the number of Starlink satellites number will 420. The company will start an internet service from them this year.  Elon Musk, chief executive of space research firm SpaceX, said broadband public internet beta services would be launched in the next six months.

Starlink Satelite

In which countries Starlink will offer their services, the company has not yet said that. However, Musk said last year that customers in areas of the United States will be able to use it first where the broadband Internet system is weak.

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At least 400 Sterling satellites are needed to deliver standard broadband in only North America.  It takes twice satellites to provide a better service. However, the company plans to provide global Internet services by 2021. That’s why 12,000 Starlink satellites will be launched into space.


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