How to create strong passwords to protect from hackers

Password is a very secret thing in personal life. One person may lose his privacy, important data, or money by password hackers. So, one should know how to create a strong password to protect their important things from password hacking.

Tips to Create Strong Password:


strong password examples, how to create a strong password 2010, strong password checker, good password ideas list, good words for passwords, strong password ideas list, strong passwords generator, top 100 password listMany people usually create their password with the date of birth, date of marriage, name, phone number, girlfriend, or boyfriend’s name. So hackers can easily break this password and enter into your secret place easily. They are perfect in this regard.

How to ‘layer up’ the password? In simple language you can add a secret number with your password, which is not related to you in any way. Almost everyone has such a habit to remember the password, but experts think that this habit is not good at all.

You can also keep the password attached to the IP address of your device. Mix and match special characters  ( [email protected]#$%^&*~ )  in your password. What do you think, how to remember such a difficult password? First write it down in your secret diary. You can also keep a password manager where you can keep all passwords. Now there are many password managers available for android devices, which you can get easily on the Google play store. Also you can use “DASHLANE” password manager or buy  Personal Internet Address & Password Logbook from amazon or eBay.

 Note that hackers can also break passwords made by name with special characters including upper case, lower case.

Make a password with numbers and letters, never make this mistake.

Change the password from time to time.

You can use strong password checker online tools like  – Lastpass   or  Free password Generator  to generate strong password.

Do not use keyboard pastern like asdf,  qwer, zxcv,  123456 etc as password.

Always keep two-factor authentication on. As a result, it will never be possible to open your account from any other device. Because you have to permit the notification that comes on your phone. Only then he will be able to log in.

Never keep the same password in all accounts.

Strong password examples:   !Lov3MyPhone  ,  [email protected] , HumTy&DupPty2, !LoVe44$, [email protected]$$2020Strong etc.


By this way you can keep your privacy strong. To get free advice on technology  like Things To Know To Buy A CCTV Camera , stay with us.

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