Affordable iPhone is coming to the market despite the infestation of Corona virus

At a time when the whole world is worried about the corona virus spreading from China’s Wuhan, the American technology product maker Apple is bringing affordable mobile phones to the world market. Most of the technology companies have not fully launched yet due to the fear of large size of the corona. The technology companies have to accept huge financial losses, but despite the financial loss, Apple is not sitting still. In the last week of next month, they will deliver to the hands of the already rumored Apple iPhone SE 2.

A special feature of Apple’s iPhone SE2 is that it is designed to look like an old-fashioned iPhone based on customer demand. Which will be much more affordable than Apple’s other iPhones. According to an Apple analyst, the iPhone SE 2 will be available in 3 GB RAM and 64/126 GB ROM version. The 5.4-inch phone could be priced at USD $399.

Video Source:   Official Youtube Channel of Apple – here.

According to a recent report from Apple,  their business  has already slowed down in corona virus situation. So next month, the company wants to expand its business by bringing the 13-inch MacBook Air, iPad Pro and digital tracker to the market, including the affordable iPhone SE2. However, the decline in the supply of electronic parts from China may hamper the arrival of the iPad Pro in the market.



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